Peru - Wilson Sucaticona's Bourbon - 10oz

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Wilson Sucaticona was born on the Peruvian side of the Peru-Bolivia border, in the city of Conima. This highland border in Southern Peru used to be completely unregulated, allowing Wilson's father and grandfather to work on the Bolivian side producing coffee. In the early 1950s the borders became more controlled, making it difficult to travel back and forth for work. Wilson's family decided to migrate. 

Wilson and his family settled in San Pedro de Putina Punco, where his father began to produce coffee. At age 18, Wilson was given land from his father and it is where he continues to produce coffee to this day. Wilson's award winning farm Alto Lagunillas (in Spanish meaning "high" "little lake") is named for a small lake located at the top of his property. 

The Bourbon varietal is a descendant of an Ethiopian heirloom that was brought to Bourbon Island (now La Réunion) in the 1700s. There is naturally mutated to adapt to its environment. It was later introduced to Brazil and spread throughout the Americas. Boubons are prized for their clarity, fruity sweetness, and complexity.

This offering is one of the most stellar Bourbon varietals we've tasted all year. It is a great example of the delicious characteristics that high altitude washed Bourbons are known and desired for. Big sweetness, elegant florals. Delicate, yet structured with a lot of clarity. 


Region: Puno

Process: Washed 

Elevation: 1600 - 1800 MASL

Tasting Notes: Rainier Cherry, Clover Honey, Lilac 


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