Ethiopia - Duromina #4

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A Brand new coffee to Pilgrim this season. Ethiopian coffees are often segregated by washing station. Individual farmers bring their coffees to a community washing station where individual crops are grouped into lots, and sold under the washing station name. In this case, the washing station name is Duramina, located in Agero, Ethiopia. While we have bought from this region before, this is the first coffee we’ve brought in from this washing station, and we’re very excited about it. Baked Apple and Melon structure is carried through by a Clove like spice, and finished with a black tea tannin, green tea florality. Delicate Body. Not the brightest Ethiopia we’ve had, but definitely an interesting addition that readjusts our understanding of African Coffees.


Producer: Duromina Washing Station, Lot #4

Region: Agero, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Landraces

Elevation: 1900–2100 MASL

Tasting Notes: Black tea, Cantaloupe, Clove


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